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Dog Spay or Neuter < 50 lbs - $125

Dog Spay or Neuter ≥ 50 lbs - $175

Cat Spay or Neuter - $95

All routine spay & neuter packages include: pre-operative exam (as patient allows), anesthesia, monitoring, pain control, and short-acting anti-nausea injection.  Dog packages also include an e-collar and oral pain medications to go home.  Cat packages include long-acting medications for pain control and will not have any to-go-home medications or e-collar.  Additional fees apply for conditions such as in-heat, pregnancy, cryptorchidism, being overweight, etc.  Pets with evidence of fleas/ticks will receive treatment in clinic for an additional charge.

Surgery check-in starts at 8 AM and surgery checkout is between 3-4 PM the same day.  Please STAY IN YOUR CAR & TEXT US (469.470.1331) upon arrival to help keep check-in running smoothly and to reduce stress for you and your pet.

Please check out our FAQ section for more details about our surgery services. 

A $25 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking the surgery appointment and will be applied to the total bill on day of appointment.  Please allow at least 48-hours notice for rescheduling or cancellations.  No shows or failure to cancel/reschedule with appropriate notice will result in loss of the deposit.


All dogs and cats presenting for surgery must be at least 3 lbs and 12 weeks of age. The attending veterinarian reserves the right to decline surgery based on pre-surgical exam findings or medical history.  Due to increased anesthetic needs and monitoring, we do not currently offer surgeries for brachycephalic breeds. Please contact us if your pet gets scared/aggressive at the veterinary clinic so we can discuss options to provide a less stressful visit for your pet.

Pre-operative bloodwork is optional but highly recommended especially for pets 5 years and older unless otherwise required by the attending veterinarian.  Please bring your pet into the clinic between 8 am -12 noon on most Fridays for our staff to collect the sample to send out to the lab.


Dog Neuter

Cat Neuter

Dog Spay

Cat Spay

Additonal Surgery Fees & Options

Additional Surgery Fees & Options

The following are additional fees and are not inclusive of all findings during the surgery appointment:


In-heat - $15

Pregnancy - $25 - $75

Overweight - $25 - $75

Cryptorchid - $50 - $75 (per retained testicle)

Office Visit - $25 (for declined/already altered animals)

Flea/tick treatment - $15-$20 (if seen on your pet while in clinic)


Pre-surgical bloodwork - $75*

Cerenia - $35 (24-hour anti-nausea injection)

E-collar - $15 (standard), $30 (upgrade)

Umbilical hernia repair - $75

Unattached dewclaws - $50 per dewclaw

Nail trim - $10

Anal gland expression - $10

Ear cleaning - $10 (dogs only)

Scrotal ablation at time of neuter (dogs) - $75 

Post-op sedative to-go-home - $20

Pyometra spay or other surgery packages: please contact us for details. Medical records and a referral by your regular veterinarian may be required for our veterinarian’s approval before scheduling. 

Shelter, rescue, & TNR organizations: please contact us to discuss discounted package options. 

*Pre-op bloodwork is only available to patients with an existing surgery appointment.  Please bring your pet to the clinic on Fridays between 8 am - 12 noon for sample collection.*

**All pricing subject to change.**

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