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Spay & Neuter Prices

Dog Spay < 50 lbs - $125

Dog Spay ≥ 50 lbs - $175

Dog Neuter < 50 lbs - $125 

Dog Neuter ≥ 50 lbs - $175

Cat Spay - $95

Cat Neuter - $95

All routine spay & neuter packages include: pre-operative exam (as patient allows), anesthesia, monitoring, pain injection, and short-acting anti-nausea injection.  Dog packages also include an e-collar and oral pain medications to go home.  Cats receive long-acting pain injections and will not have any to-go-home medications or ecollar.  Additional fees apply for in-heat, pregnancy, cryptorchidism and others.

A $25 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking the surgery appointment and will be applied to the total bill on day of appointment. This deposit can be transferred one time if needing to reschedule with at least 48-hours notice. 


All dogs and cats presenting for surgery must be at least 3 lbs and 12 weeks of age. The attending veterinarian reserves the right to decline surgery based on pre-surgical exam findings.  Please contact us if your pet gets scared/aggressive at the veterinary clinic so we can discuss options to provide a less stressful visit for your pet.

Pre-operative bloodwork is optional but highly recommended for pets 5 years and older.  Please bring your pet into the clinic between 8 am -12 noon on most Fridays for our staff to collect the sample to send out to the lab.

Additional Surgery Fees & Options

The following fees will be in addition to the surgery fee and is not inclusive of all findings during surgery:


In-heat - $15

Pregnancy - $25-$75

Overweight - $25-75

Cryptorchid (undescended testicle) - $50-$75 per retained testicle


Pre-surgical bloodwork - $75*

Cerenia - $35 (24-hour anti-nausea injection)

E-collar - $15 (standard), $30 (upgrade)

Umbilical hernia repair - $75

Unattached dewclaws - $50 per dewclaw

Nail trim w/surgery only - $10

Anal gland expression w/surgery only - $10

Ear cleaning w/surgery only - $10 (dogs only)

Scrotal ablation - $75 

Mild post-operative sedatives - $10 

Pyometra spay or other surgery packages: please contact us for details. Medical records and a referral by your regular veterinarian may be required for our veterinarian’s approval before scheduling. 

Shelter and rescue organizations: please contact us to discuss discounted package options. 

*Please bring your pet to the clinic on Fridays between 8 am - 12 noon for sample collection.*

**All pricing subject to change.**

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